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Community Concern Categories: Description

The information retrieved using CLEARMAP reflects community concerns reported to the Chicago Police Department in Chicago, Illinois. The community concerns are divided into five classifications.

Concern Categories Description
All Community Concerns Includes all Community Concern Categories


Includes concerns about Gang violence, loitering, activity and selling narcotics.

Includes concerns about the selling and use of narcotics.

Includes concerns about prostitution.
City Services

Includes concerns related to the need for City service from an agency other than the Chicago Police Department. The CPD forwards these concerns to 311 where they are routed to the appropriate City Agency for handling. Examples of concerns in this category include vacant buildings, poor lighting, overgrown foliage, street flooding, graffiti, and abandon vehicles.

Troubled Buildings

Examples include abandoned and dilapidated buildings that may host criminal activity.

Examples include concerns about disturbances, burglaries, vandalism and traffic violations.